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Ray Hunt Wade with a 15" seat.
       Ray Hunt Wade with 15 3/4" seat
                                         An explanation by Dan Mayer: why we use the name "Ray Hunt Wade" for this style of saddle tree.  
I never had the opportunity to meet Ray Hunt, out of respect for this fine horseman, this is why we use his name on one of our saddle tree styles.
In 1984 I was 19 years old and had made a few saddles.  Many of our neighbors at that time rode Dale Harwood saddles, and those saddles were amazing... working pieces of art.  In my eyes, my first saddles were awful, and I needed help.  I had never met Dale, but finally got my courage up and took a saddle in for him to critique.  He was gracious, and showed me a couple of things to improve on, a big mistake for him, because after that I bothered him every chance I got!​  I once asked Dale about the difference between a Wade and a Ray Hunt Wade, and as I remember it, this is what he told me.  He said that Ray liked the Wade tree, but preferred a smaller horn than the typical 5" Wade horn.  Dale didn't like the look of a 4 1/2" horn cap on a 5" Wade front, so he built the tree on 4 1/2" thick stock (measuring front to back) and it became the Ray Hunt Wade.
This has become the tree style that we build on more than any other, it's a classic!​
This saddle has a 4 x 96 degree gullet, 4" high cantle, 4 1/2" horn cap, inskirt rigging. Contact us for more pictures or details.      This saddle is SOLD
This saddle has a 4 x 93 degree gullet, 4" cantle, 4 3/4" horn cap, inskirt rigging, Basket stamped with Oak leaves and acorns. Price includes stirrups.       $5100